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PS3 Turns of by itself? PLEASE HELP I WILL DIE!!?


Okay, so one time me and my friend were playing for like 2 hours straight and all of a sudden the PS3 turned off by itself. And there was no light on it.no red blue or green.nothing.so i took out the plug and plugged it back in so the red light came back on.but i didnt try putting it back on cuz we didnt wanna play anymore. so then after like 3 days i try to put it back on by pressing the power on button from the front and the red light went to green and the light went out in like 1 second. It wont power back on after that day.DO YOU KNOW WHY? i was told cuz i kept it in a small place so the ps3 overheated or something

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  1. Of course it’s going to suffocate if you don’t leave enough room around it to exhaust the hot air coming from the heatsink and fan, and it only keeps intaking the hot air that’s already been in the console.

    Like Jammin mentioned, you can open the console and apply Arctic Silver 5 paste in between the heatsink. This will practically make the system live years longer and not be so susceptible to a little dust overheating it (which traps heat) and will run as quiet as a mouse.

    There is also an even better compound called Innovation Cooling Diamond 24 carat, but it costs loads for a small tube ($30 or so for a few grams). However if you want your ps3 to be totally silent you could also buy this and carefully apply it under the heatsink.

    The correct way to apply thermal paste is only a small quantity, like the size of a pea (sometimes quoted as ‘rice grain’). You don’t need to spread it, just press the heatsink on it, it will spread by itself and no air bubbles can form.

  2. If the console overheated because of being in a small space, it would not produce results like this. Almost all cases would cause the Yellow Light to come on and you would know there was a problem before the cutoff since the fan would be louder than a Boeing 747. And I doubt the fan failed entirely because the console would not run for more than 5 minutes without it.

    If the LED lights are shutting off, then its obvious you are dealing with a power problem, not overheating. Probably something to do with the unit’s PSU and needs replacement. You may want to try the console on another outlet and/or check your circuit breakers just to make sure, though.

  3. What model do you have? There was a model that had that probem, and it was the compound that goes between the heat sink and processor. After it gets hot the compound didnt hold. You have to take it apart and use that artic whatever its called. artic something compound, as it lasts. If thats even your problem, but like the other guy said youd get ylod (yellow light of death) if it was overheated and ruined. Good luck.

  4. That’ll do it. With no breathing room, you could definitely overheat it in 2 hours of constant use.

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