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Should i buy a xbox 360?


Hello yahoo pplz. I am thinking of buying a xbox , but i already have a ps3 but its not with me until january or next year because i am in a differnet state going to school(7th grade). to get a xbox i would have to trade in a wii. i have 2 wii’s already so its not much of aa problem. whats yor opinion of the xbox 360 and why? Thanks. PS-how much is a 3 month online card? thanks you people who answer

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  1. Ok xbox are more action games first person shooters and theres more popular games on it such as halo it has great graphics I don’t see why not get it it’s awesome but go over to a friends house to play it and see what you think and 3 months not sure about but one year is 52 dollars so yeah hope that helps

    answer mine?

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  2. Xbox 360 is worth it.

    – Because it has plenty of game selection other than the others

    -Packed with free microphone* (Only Pro version)

    -Xbox Live there are a lot of Kids and teens who are playing Xbox 360 than Playstation 3 because most Ps3 users are adults.

    -It is cheaper except that you need to pay for monthly or yearly Xbox Live subscription card.

    Beside of that you wouldn’t enjoy other much since it’s typically the same as the Playstation 3

    So i would say yes you should IF you have money for Game’s and Live Membership.

    I would say No because you already own Playstation 3 which typically the same but basically better,

    and 3 month’s card is $19.99 or $20

  3. The XBOX is not a bad buy especially for you and your situation

    it got some pretty cool exclusive, and if you’re into rpg, the XBOX got more of that too

    I think a 3 month gold is $20

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