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Should i buy an Xbox 360 now?


I own a PS3 right now and its really great, but all my friends are on the Xbox 360 and i was wondering if i should switch and is it worth it compared to the ps3? Also if i should get one, should i go with the Slim version or the Elite bundle that comes with two games? Another thing thats also worry’s me is the internet connection, and how to connect to the internet. Right now i only have wifi in my house, and i know that the Elite does not have built in wifi.

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  1. Yes, now is the time to buy an xbox 360. With the new release of the xbox 360 s you don’t have to worry about the red rings, and its whisper quiet. Developers are finally starting to be able to get the best performance out of there games with the best graphics and kinect is going to release, so there wont be a new console for a couple of years. There are also great exclusive xbox 360 games out and many upcoming like left 4 dead 1 and 2, halo 3, halo 3 odst, halo reach , gears 1, gears 2, gears 3, fable 2, fable 3, splinter cell conviction, mass effect 2, mass effect, forza 3, and alan wake. Also espn and hulu are coming to xbox live and theres already facebook, twitter, last fm, and zune marketplace.

  2. If you want to switch over so you can play with your friends, by all means get a 360.

    I’d try to find a Slim instead of the Elite, mainly because of the built-in WiFi. It’d cost about $100 to add WiFi to the Elite, but you can buy the games that are included in the Elite bundle for less than that, or you can just by different (better) games.

  3. Definitely. Buy the new XBOX 360. i think it’s only $299 and it has built in wifi and a 250 gig hard drive

  4. The Xbox360 is not half as good as the PS3, no you should not get it. I would recommend you try to convince your friends to buy a PS3.

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