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Skyrim Xbox 360 horse help please!?


I have downloaded the hearthfire DLC for skyrim on 360. I have two normal horses one bought in white run and one in rifton. I have built a home and stables in falkreath but want both my horses in the stale I’ve built. How do I make that happen or is it even possible?

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  1. How did you get two?I think you’ve run into a bug,because if I’m not mistaken (and I may be because I’ve only bought a horse once because you get an infinite amount of horses for free once you help the stable guy in Riften clear his debt with Saphire)you can only have one horse at a time.By the way,I’d recommend doing the Dark Brotherhood questline because you get a horse that’s practicly immortal that can only die from fall damage or a REALLY powerful enemy.

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