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UK ps3 in canada wont turn on – i have just moved to canada and brought my ps3 with me, as sony told me it has


a universal power supply. However when ive just gone to turn it on, it wont power up, ive checked the switch at the back, checked the power lead is in tight. I brought it over in my hand luggage so i new it was safe, and wraped it in a whole roll of bubble rap o protect it, then surrounded it in my case with socks, so it should’t have been damaged. Any ideas?


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  1. uk 230volts

    canada 120volts

    i dont have one of these so you’ll have to have a look at the back near where the power lead goes in, sometimes there is a very small switch to change the power to the transformer.

    if it’s not there you’ll need a adaptor, if in canada try radio shack.

  2. Yes – get a voltage transformer. Nothing wrong with your PS3 (but I’d be careful about plugging it into the mains until there is a volage transformer on hand).

    Some countries like USA and Canada run on 120 volt 60 cycles (60hz) and most of the worlds (including UK) runs on 220/240 volt 50 cycles (50hz). This difference in the voltage can be solved by using an appropriate voltage converter.

    Get a 500W (nothing less) step up-down transformer and you should be fine.

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