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What can I do to fix my Xbox 360’s harddrive?


I stopped playing about two months ago towards the end of school. I got a girlfriend and basically pushed the Xbox further away on my priority list. Eventually I wanted to play again so I turned it on and to my surprise, the harddrive isn’t even recognized.

It wasn’t reading discs but it was working just perfectly beforehand, and now it won’t even so much as let me sign in. It worked about two days ago, which I played for four hours, but now I cannot get it to work. What can I do?

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  1. ha same problem except that i got mad a little so i punched it and i think i fixed it.

    or like for a day or 2 it worked and then it broke again and my friend was like dude punch it so i did and it broke it more i guess.

    so yeah its either punch it or return.

    oh yeah cause i punched it i have to pay like 1 or 2 hundred cause it voids the warranty but wutever i got the money ha.

    yea so dont punch it unless u have the money.

    return it.

    that was pointless ha

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything. Microsoft has to fix it for you. I think it costs $100, but it might be less. You are kind of screwed dude.

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