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What comes with the new Xbox 360 in 2009?


hi i would like to ask what things come with a xbox in 2009, beacuse i heard it come dvd remote, and new stuff please tell me

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  1. i got the pro back in march and it came with a 60 gig hard drive wireless controller, of cores the cable to hook it up, lego Indiana jones, kong fu panda, and a buch of books that nobody ever reads

  2. no, it does not come with a DVD remote, nor does it come with a camera. It is just like the systems from 2008. They may change which games come with it, but that’s it.

    check XBOX.com for a chart that compares what hardware comes with each console (arcade, pro, elite)

    project Natal is the camera thing someone mentioned, but there isn’t even a release date for that yet. Some people have no idea what they’re talking about – including the person who told you the 360 comes with a DVD remote.

  3. well i dont really know because in 2008 it just came with an Ethernet and the control and the cables but now in 2009 if you get one i think it brings the new cam thing when you play the games and all those stuff so im not so sure i hoped i helped =]

  4. Well the Arcade is only the console and a wireless controller, 256MB memory card and 5 FREE Arcade Games.

    Pro comes with the console, wireless controller, wired headset, [included games some], ethernet cable, HDTV cable and 60GB HDD


    THe same is included in the Elite except for the Elite having a 120GB HDD which is $100 more than the Pro.

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