Home Playstation Forum what do you need to turn a ps3 into a pc?

what do you need to turn a ps3 into a pc?


I’m considering getting a new(or used) PC and I’m wondering if I could just substitute a ps3 for a computer, since I heard from a coworker that a ps3 can pretty much do everything a pc can.

I’m wondering

do you need any anti virus for it?

Can you use word and link it to a printer somehow?

and, what do you need to do to get it functioning like a PC?

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  1. Go to Linux’s sites and request a free Ubuntu CD, and they’ll deliver it to you.

    Basically, install the disc and you’ll have Firefox as a browser, GIMP as a Photo Editor, OpenOffice (which is the runner-up to Microsoft Office) and more! (Including Music Software like iTunes)

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