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what happens when you install a game on a xbox 360 hard drive?


i just installed a game and i dont know what it does can anyone help me

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  1. im not positive, but i think it works so now you dont have to even put the game in to play it, but im not sure

  2. You still need the disk in the system, so as to prevent people from stealing games as easily. If you didn’t need the disk in the system, you could borrow the game from a friend or rent it, and keep the game without buying it.

    Anyways, installing the game to the hard drive (in most cases) is quite beneficial. Since the system doesn’t have to spin the disk any more than just at the very beginning of reading the game, it means far less wear and tear on the disk and system. Also because of the non-spinning disk, there is less heat produced, possibly helping to save your system from the hard ware problems. Running the game from the hard drive also means that most of the time, you can see at least some reduction in the loading times of the game.

    The only games that I have seen that don’t follow these are the Halo 3 and Halo 3 Mythic Disks, they tend to become buggy and have more glitches and lag more if they are run from the hard drive.

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