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Whats the cheapest Xbox 360 I can find?



  1. the core or the “arcade” as it is called. comes with some arcade games and a memory card of 512 mb for 279.99$

  2. don’t by the xbox 360 arcade because it doesn’t have an hard drive. I would try ebay. You can find one for around 225 and may have a game with it. I bought one for 225 and it came with gears of war and crack down about 2 weeks ago. it also had a hard drive. it was the best deal ever!

  3. Never do ebay, craiglist is ok but it is very hard to find one in your area. A refurbished one at gamestop would be good. Never buy off ebay because i payed 200 dollas and got a box

  4. check out this site, they give you an xbox 360 FOR FREE!! i got mine last week and i’m luuuuvin’ it!

  5. The cheapest 360 would i think be the “arcade 360” Either that or go to game x change or something and get a used 360.

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