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What’s wrong with my Xbox 360?


Nearly three years ago I got an Xbox 360 Pro. It has worked fine until about a week ago. I can still do everything I could do before with the Xbox but the picture is unclear. The screen sort of flashes, there’s dots everywhere and small lines in a vertical position. The colour is also kind of off too.

Here is everything that factors into my 360:

– I use a Vizio 1080i HDTV

– The console and the TV are not directly connected, they are connected through a Yamaha AV Receiver for surround sound

– I am not using the normal HD cables that came with the console, but I use Monster Gaming cables which is generic brand since I have HD Wii cables too

Everything has been connected the same way since January and the problem has only started a week ago.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. oh this is ok.

    If you have a cable leading to your TV for the channels to come up then disconnect that cable. It should be white. Because to much electricity is coming from that cable and it will screw up ur TV. It has nothing to do wiv your xbox. I hope i helped.

  2. I’d first check all of the cables and receiver though it sounds like your GPU is failing. If it is, you’ll get the E74 error soon. It starts with pixelization and weird colors. Microsoft does cover the E74 under the extended 3 year warranty so if you do get it and you’re under the limit, you can send it in for a free repair.

  3. *dramatic music* your xbox is experiencing intermidat failure of the GPU (graphics processing unit) in other-words the RROD/E64 is right around the corner. random graphics issues happen right before the infamous rrod/e64 error. hopefully it was less then 3 years ago you bought it instead of more then 3 years ago, since the rrod and E64 errors have an extended 3 year warrentee.

    the rrod/e64 error (the same thing) is caused by the motherboard warping. the xbox has a heatsink on its cpu and gpu which keeps it cool, unfortunately the gpu is under the cd drive so the heatsink had to be smaller, causing it to heat up. underneath the xbox there are “x-clamps” small metal clams that hold said heatsinks down. these clams are fine under normal conditions, but the xbox gets just slightly hotter because of the smaller heatsink and the clamps start warping the motherboard causing the chips to start desoldering. if can be fixed by using the x-clamp fix very cheaply (easy to find good instructions online), basically you take the x-clamps off and replace them with bolts so theres no pressure on the motherboard, then overheat the sucker till it levels out and resolders, and then just use it normally and its fixed for good. if you send your xbox in to microsoft (if you can just send it in normally takes 2-3 weeks) then they check it to make sure its broken, send you a diffrent refubished xbox and fix yours to send to the next guy (its faster that way) you keep your hard drive so all savegames and gamertags stay the same, theres no diffrence with the new xbox. opening the xbox does void your warrentee and it will take about 10 dollars worth of stuff to fix with the x-clamp fix. other fixes are only temporary (penny fix, towel trick etc.)

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