Home Playstation Forum why do most of the new ps2 games suck now?

why do most of the new ps2 games suck now?


like madden 2008 for ps2 sucks compared to ps3 one and alot of other games on the ps3 and 360 suck for the ps2

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  1. It is because all the developers that like a challenge have moved on to make really intricate games on PS3.

    That leaves the PS2 to have either Movie-Tie ins or EA games with the year stamped on the end and that look a little better.

  2. because, when a developer wants to make a game, they need to buy a “developement kit” for the console. And for different systems, this kits can cost more or less. The playstation 2 development kit is much cheaper now, because the PS3 is out, so that means most amatuer developers go for making PS2 games. This is also why Nintendo consoles often have Disney based games and such/

  3. I’ve noticed with a few games that were really popular for PS2, have gone to the PS3 console. And the main reason why some games just completely suck, is because the original designers/companies have focused on designing the games for the PS3 console. For example, the newest Tony Hawk game “Proving Ground” for PS2. Many of the TH games in the past were great, and some were just acceptibly good. But on the last game they made for PS2, they had some new company in there making the game, and it just wasn’t the same. The graphics were crap, there weren’t any options in the game or anything.It was very disappointing. Why did this happen? The original producers of the game switched over to the PS3 console, and left the PS2 gamers with some new company designing the game for them, which was a bad move because of how crappy it turned out to be.

    But that’s a totally different story for that game for PS3, I’ve heard it’s supposed to be really good.

    Companies see that PS3 is where the money is, so they don’t put as much effort in designing a game for PS2 anymore, they basically just ‘half-do-it’ and trick people into thinking it’s gonna be great.

    Sad, but true.

    Happy gaming,

    – sїlεйcε•ậмїḍsŧ•¢ĥåǿs

  4. becuase the PS3 can do so much more than the PS2 and thats where developers are moving. hey at least they’re still making PS2 games. how would you feel if all you owned was the original xbox?

  5. personally i prefer the old game systems like the sega mega drive and the old commodore atari. some of the ps2 games you can’t get anymore either so it does suck a lot. like the game gun for ps2 i can’t find that anywhere anymore and iv’e been looking for it for ages.

    also there little kids games to that they make now there to wizardy.

  6. It’s because the ps3 is out.

    And game designers are more flexible developing ps3 an x box 360 games because of blu ray technology.

    And both consoles have more power like processing power

  7. Developers for games are more focused on the “now” and “future” of gaming which is the ps3 and xbox 360. If you notice, the only games coming out for the ps2 are sports games, and movie-based games.

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