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Why is he spending more time on his xbox?


I’m in a LDR. I text him and call him in the evenings, because it’s pretty much compensation for not being able to see him.

So I pretty much text him everyday, and it used to be so fun. Like I’d reply and he would text back 5 minutes later, and it would be thoughtful and such. But lately, since summer’s given him free time, he’s been on his xbox like 24/7. Seriously.

Yesterday, he got up and started playing, and when I called him at like 11pm ish, he was talking to his buddies WHILE on the phone with me until 1am, then he got off because he felt like he was ignoring me.

He always says that he’d choose xbox over me, and he wishes I was there, and that I mean more, but he’s just been on the damn thing every freakin day. It’s gotten so bad that he takes an hour or more to reply to a simple text like “how are you”.

I love him a lot and I wouldn’t break up with him over an xbox, but it’s getting on my nerves and makes me really angry. Yesterday was 2 months since we’ve been going out, and he didn’t mention anything about it. Today I asked if he wanted to talk over the phone; he said maybe later because of his xbox.

What the hell do I do.

I don’t want to tell him to ditch it because that’d make him sad (probably) and me feel guilty, but I just want him to at least take the time to text me more often than once every goddamned hour.

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  1. Search up “Girl smashes ps3” on youtube. It’s not a xbox but it’s still a gaming system. That should help you on what to do next.

  2. Funny to some responses my advice since it is a LDR (long distance relationship) is dump him, trust me coming from a guy. Let me tell you when me and my last g/f and I got to together and she saw that I owned a xbox she was like oh great another b/f who is a gamer. Well you know what? Most of my time is off my xbox spending it with her and she doesn’t know what to think. I play xbox from time to time to relax or when stressed. There are some times I wait until she goes to bed (she gets up at 6am for work) I go into the living room and just play for hours. So yeah if he is spending more time on his xbox than talking to you it just isn’t worth the hassle. I’ll talk to you always looking for new friends. E-mail me [email is not allowed]

  3. He cares more about his xbox then he care about you , if it’s bothering you , then you should talk to him about it!

  4. You shouldn’t break up with him over an xbox.

    You should break up with him because he’s a freaking loser lol.

  5. I am a guy and I understand what you are going through. I used to be like that. Probably still do it until my gf talked to me and she said how frustrated she was that I played xbox while she visited me or wanted to talk to me. She also texted me regularly.

    My answer to her was that I felt caged even though I knew I wasn’t. So we ended up texting less and talking two or three times on the phone a day. We also started doing webcam and once in a while she would strip for me and viceversa and that definitely helped. I stopped feeling like she was taking the fun out of things and started missing those two or three phone calls. She also game me a game once every 5 months or so. “to make me feel as if she wanted me to enjoy things” which also helped.

  6. Boys will be boys. He obvi loves his xbox 360 more than you. I like my 360 more than my gf:)

  7. Maybe he’s playing something like HALO or Call of Duty. Those are both really popular games, as they are both heavily reliant on XBox LIVE and focus on online multiplayer a lot. I can think of three options for you:

    1) You may have to break up with him. Maybe he just doesn’t care about you enough to ignore his XBox. If he can’t give you enough attention, why should you?

    2) Talk to him about this. If he realises what he’s doing, maybe he will give you more attention. You may have to threaten him with a break-up, or actually do it. If you leave him, and he pleads you to come back/has an epiphany of what a fool he’s been, accept him back.

    3) Join in with him. Many games offer split-screen play between multiple people on the same screen. You never know, you might enjoy it 😉

  8. The only thing I have to say is that he’s a joke. If he’s already gotten to this point after 2 months then imagine how much attention you’ll get after 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years after he’s completely bored with the relationship. My parents are both counselors and they deal with this sort of thing almost every single day. Men get bored very easily so if you don’t want to ditch him then you need to get him “interested” in you. By what you’ve explained in this question it seems like you’re always doing everything so try switching things up and just not talking to him until he talks to you. Just pretend like he’s on a lower priority level and he’ll start paying more and more attention to you. Guys don’t like clingy girls because we get bored very easily.

  9. You gottah talk to him. NOW! go over there & turn off his XBOX & make him listen to you! Cause’ if he even TELLS you, that’d he would choose his xbox over YOU. means he doesnt care what you say, or think. i bet if you stop texting him a day or calling, at first he’ll be all over his xbox, but then he’ll realize he’ll want you again. give him a day, & if he doesnt contact back, LEAVE HIM , DUMP HIS A*. he isnt worth your time. In time, you’ll get over it.

  10. You should confront him about this problem, it wont get any better if you let it happen. Tell him you don’t like it when he plays all the time, and that if he could share more time with you, if he loved you he would understand and immediately change his ways.

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