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XBOX 360 controller help!?


So I just got a second XBOX 360 controller. I wanted it to play Co-op with my sister on Kameo: Elements of Power. But when I choose Co-op on Kameo, it says “Player two, press start to join”. That’s what I did, yet the four lights around the “XBOX” button on the controller just flash, and nothing happens. Bearing in mind I’ve never used this controller before, too. So whats wrong, and how do I solve it?

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  1. if u are standing the 360 up, there is a little button underneith the memory card slot b, press it and then press the middle button on ya controller

  2. you have to turn the controller on and wait until the lights flash then press the button on the xbox 360 next to the memory card ports then press the botton on the top of the controller then it should work

  3. on your xbox 360 there is a button that has sound waves on it. press the button [its on the front] on your new controller there is a button on the back near the triggers that looks simmilar just hit the buttons both at the same time and it should program the controler to work with co-op. if this works please give me best answer

  4. You must hit a little white button on the top of your controller. See It? Alright hit it. The circles on the controller will spin. Then press the little white button on the xbox. See It? Good, Hit it. Then they will connect.

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