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xbox 360 disc scratched!?


Hey guys! So basically I was stupid enough to lift my xbox when my Borderlands 2 game was running, which made a circular scratch! Now, the game DOES run, however randomly it will stop and give me the unreadable disk error. My question is, if I install the game (from disk to hardrive) can I play the game without error if I can install it? I know that I need to keep the CD in, so thats why im curious to whether or not it will work!

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  1. toothpaste. scrub with a soft cloth for half hour. when u buy a new game always install it

  2. Yes my friend scrached his mw3 copy

    And i told him to install it

    Make sure you have enought memory

    If not but a usb and formated

    And yes you still need the disc

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