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Xbox 360 freezing up after running for a short time, is the GPU bad?


I had the 3 RROD previously, but took care of it with a little fix. Now its doing this, if the GPU is going/gone bad I’d like to just fix it.
Its really loud when it runs games of the disc, so perhaps the disc tray is going bad as well/instead. Ideas?

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  1. First, stop playing it, don’t even turn it on, accept to get the error code. Just to be sure. I’m guessing you did the xclamp fix, and I’m further guessing that you didn’t screw the mobo to the case, and that you didn’t do anything else to help the cooling. But, you don’t have another RROD yet, so do the xclamp again, but this time with mobo screwed to case. There are tutorials for this method. Then do some version of the 21v fan mod (or replace with talismoon whisper), and it couldn’t hurt to put cheap heatsinks on the RAM. If you don’t mind spending a little, llamma.com has a $30 fan set that blows air over processors.

    The motherboard gets warped with the heat, so you have to fix that, AND resolder the chip with overheating, AND you have to fix the heat problem.

  2. Just send your Xbox to Microsoft if you have warranty. Warranty can be voided by opening Xbox or Modding or Flashing it. If you want to fix it your self then I should tell you that your GPU is going bad and your disc tray is fine. The games makes noises when your GPU is damaged. Let me tell you the fix to it.

    1. First open up your Xbox 360 with tools.

    2. Then remove your motherboard.

    3. Then remove the GPU and underneath it you will see that it is greasy.

    4. clean it, make it shine.

    5. Then put new grease on it, just buy it from a computer shop.

    6. Then put your GPU right in it’s place.

    7. Put your Xbox 360 back together.

    8. Then turn it on.

    9. No more noises or freezing or even RROD.

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