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Xbox 360 HDMI question?


So this Xbox 360 was only being played on my 1080p Auria television, and worked like a charm. Then brought it down to my parents’ Sanyo 1080p and it turned on but won’t load a picture, says no signal, tried different cords and different inputs, still nothing. Used my sister’s Xbox 360 with the same cords and same inputs, works fine, just bought a new TV to replace my Auria and it doesn’t work on that one either, but still works fine on my Auria.Anyone know how to fix this? Oh and the HDMI port works fine on the new TV as well. Used my computer on it, and I tried Component cables on both TV’s with my xbox and still nothing, but still works fine on the Auria.If any of you can figure this out I will be very surprised and soooooo happy!!

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  1. Normally, the solution would be throwing the av component cable on to adjust the display setting when switch xbox to a different tv. But the having the components not working either, is another problem.

    I would double check by

    1) Having the xbox off first.

    2) Make sure only the av components is connected.

    3) Check to see if HD/AV switch is on the proper setting

    4) Then turn it on

    If it works, navigate to display setting > hook HDMI cable to xbox and tv > then adjust the settings.

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