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Xbox Live Trial Membership?


Hi Guys new to this sort of stuff.

I bought my son an Xbox 360 today and he was really excited to play.

But you need membership to play, I thought there would be membership included but there wasn’t. Now he won’t stop nagging me to buy him some, I will eventually but I don’t have the time.

So if any of you are kind enough to give my son a free trial or something.

Would be very much appreciated and save me a lot of hassle.


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  1. If you go to sign up for xbox live silver it will ask you after fill in all your info if you are sure you only want siler. You say yes and then it will tell you that you will get one month free of the gold membership for free. it is only 7.00 a month after that or 40.00 for the year. good luck

  2. Silver membership is free. You can get 1 month membership for $7+, but that’s kind of a waste of time. You can get the membership right on Xbox Live Marketplace and I’d go for the 12 month. If you can wait a few days, Amazon.com has deals on the cards and they’ll ship it right to your door and under $40 for free shipping.

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