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Xbox Open Tray Error?


Alright so I got that lame come-out-of-nowhere error when you put a game in, it reads it for a second then just says open tray as if nothings in it. I want to send it in to Microsoft but I dont know if there is a way to fix it. Last time I sent my Xbox in for RRoD (an Elite) and it was back in a week. Is there anything I can do and should I call Microsoft if i ship it or just ship it out and they’ll figure out the problem?

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  1. its not a big problem what i do is open the tray take the disc out then close the tray empty then wait a sec then put the disc in and play, if this dosent work then ship it in

  2. If you are still under warranty (less than 1 year old) send it to Microsoft. It’s the only way to have it truly fixed. There are a couple of stop gaps you can do to get it working.

    1) Clean the laser lens with a standard CD/DVD lens cleaning disk. You can get them at any decent electronics store.

    2) When it is trying to read the disk, tap very lightly on top of the console. Weird I know, but it works.

  3. Well, my cousin’s 360 did that when we tried to play Rainbow: Vegas. It eventually worked, he just hit and punched the crap out of it. I would not recommend this.

    I think it does this on purpose because it’s not reading the game right. Let it do it a couple times, tap on it a couple times, and hope it works. If this does not help, you can always try sending it to Microsoft to fix it.

  4. Depends how old your unit is. It’s only a 1 year warranty on that kind of thing. But it might have been extended when you sent it in for the RRoD. I doubt it, though. Do a little research on Google.

  5. If its under warrenty and it has problems I suggest you ship it and wait a weak and find some other hobby like sports or spending time with family then when it comes back in play play play

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