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I just got my Xbox 360 and hooked it up everyting went fine until i tried to connect to Xbox LIVE! HELP!?


all the tests passed except Xbox LIVE. What do i do. btw its wirelessly hooked up and yes it is connected.
It is now updating i turned it off and on and it worked lol. y didnt i think of that!

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  1. Did you sign up for and Xbox Live account yet? If not there is your problem.

    Have fun and hope you get it all working right.

    If all tests passed except xbox live then the IP test passed?

    What the guy below me said might be the problem if that is the case u need to contact your service provider for the security settings. Unless the guy below knows another way.

  2. Yes, you can complete COD4 with just a 64mb memory card to save your progress.

    You don’t need to have signed up to Xbox Live to get to the service, you can sign up once you connect!

    Your Xbox is failing probably because your router uses WEP/WPA security and although you are connected to the correct SSID, you don’t have the key to connect to it’s resources (and be given an IP etc.).

  3. I’m having the same problem!

    Don’t worry this happened to a lot of people the other day but micosoft fixed it

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