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Any ps3 games like this?


or maybe upcoming games. Where your in a city or town and there are people that live their with you and you can help them with tasks and stuff. like, animal crossing a little bit.and you have a house and could buy furniture (with money oin the game) any upcoming games, or games already out? thanks! (P.s i know it sounds complicated but bear with me here!)

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  1. accually there will be a thing coming out soon called Home thats sorta like animal crossing and its supposed to be awesome, sorta like the little characters in the old ps3 commercials

    P.S.– my ps network id is bored4now buy call of duty 3 and get on!!

  2. They are coming out with some games like that, but for one thing I know the game Home is not a game but a game lobby for online playstation3 gaming.

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