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Borderlands or Brink 4 the PS3?


What 2 buy

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  1. Borderlands hands down. I have the Platinum Trophy for both Brink and Borderlands, but brink was such an incredible let down overall. There was no variety of guns, no colour wheel for custom colours, limited missions, crappy campaign, short game to beat, the AI was freaking terrible. They would be next to impossible to beat on the other team and your team would just be stupid as hell and die every 2 seconds and not do what needed to be done while the other team seemed to do everything perfectly and you had to do all the work yourself. Bethesda made a let down game and they were supposedly working on it for years. I could pull something better out of my a* the game sucked so bad.

    Borderlands on the other hand has millions of guns (literally), it has a decent campaign, you can play online with up to 4 people, the customization is a bit better, there’s tons of gameplay and missions, and overall it’s just a really unique FPS/RPG game. Borderlands 2 will be coming out this year too and I plan on preordering it.

    Hope that helps.

  2. i have to agree borderlands is a good game you get more out of it compared to brink,, brink was just too short

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