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broken ps3 controller?


today i dropped my ps3 wireless controller and i have took it apart and reset the analog sticks because the right analog had moved slightly, however when i put it back together and tried to play fifa 10 using the controller, it crashes is there a way i can stop it from crashing?

please help

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  1. no its time for a new one this is one thing i dont like about ps3 the controllers are light and seems like the could easily break

  2. It seems that when you put the controller together, you may have moved something within the controller that is causing a short.

    I would suggest you get a new controller, as tracking down the shot may be more time-consuming and costly than the cost of a new controller.

    If you are determined to try to fix it yourself, I would suggest that you get a Magnifying glass, latex gloves and the proper equipment (Soldering iron and high-grade solder)

    You will want to check that there are no cracks in the board, that the solder is not cracked on the connections and that there isn’t any overrun onto the board itself. make sure that all of the circuit etchings are clean and that the wires do not appear frayed in any way.

    Again, this is a time-consuming process, and sometimes costs more that it would to go and get a new controller.

    I hope this helps answer your question

    Good Luck & Good Gaming

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