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Buy a PS3 or wait for PS4?


I want to buy a new ps3 but I’m not sure if I should because I hear that Sony may announce the ps4 around march or may. What do you guys think?

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  1. Sony’s PlayStation 4 may be unveiled before this year’s E3 and perhaps even as early as May.

    That’s according to Sony Home Entertainment’s vice-president Hiroshi Sakatomi. When quizzed on the next gen by Spanish outlet Emol.com, Sakatomi said, “I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [The] announcement may be in that minute or even earlier in May.”

    Pushed on whether the reveal would be a major announcement or a minor reveal, Sakatomi said “Probably the first. In that time we expect to deliver great news, but we must wait until May at least.”

    The tease comes following a report by research firm Baird Equity, which also suggests that the PlayStation 4 will be announced before E3. The report also states that the unit will cost $400 and launch in October, one month before the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called).

    hard to say,, buy a ps3 now and play some brilliant games or take a gamble and wait 3-5 months and hopefully sony does announce a ps4 and wait another 5 months till its gets released,, , if sony does not make an announcement for the ps4 at this years E3 show, you have wasted 5 months without gaming

  2. i think u should buy ps3 because whenever a new product is launch there will be some or the other problem.so again u have to wait for some time.so better buy ps3.and it is very good also

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