Home Playstation Forum can i buy a ps3 then return a broken one?

can i buy a ps3 then return a broken one?


my ps3 40gb got ylod (broken) recently so i was thinking how i could repair it without having to pay sony £110 to fix it, then i thought that i could buy the same model of ps3 from cex for £140 and then use the cex receipt to fix my broken one. If it worked i would trade in both the working ps3s to cex and get £205 please tell me if this will work and how illegal it is. thanks.

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  1. they would identify your ylodded ps3 by serial number. each ps3 has a unique serial number. if it is a debug console(cex), you might give it a try

  2. lol they don’t sell 40 GB ps3 anymore new like that so you have that against you. And as the every person said befor me each PS3 has a unique serial number. If you ever had called sony support, they would have taken down the serial number of your PS3 and can track back to you. Honestly just Buy a new Slim, their prices have dropped and the GB on them is way higher than your 40gig 😛

  3. It’s a PS3, it’s awesome, it does everything. I’m not even really a gamer, and I BLOODY LOVE IT. The only annoying thing is that it doesn’t ship with an HDMI cable — it ships with the basically obsolete (and hobbling) tri-whatever cable, which is utterly silly. When you order your PS3, order an HDMI Cable 2M (6 Feet) (or hopefully they’ll start shipping with non-obsolete cables!) as well, put your elliptical trainer in front of your TV, and then GO HAVE FUN!

  4. 1) That’s fraud.

    2) Every PS3 has a unique id number to prevent people from doing exactly what you’re describing.

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