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can I install mod menus on a non jaiolbroken 3.55 ps3? or does it need to be jail broken and not just downgraded.?


I’ve recently been looking in to modding in gtav on ps3. I have a ps3 CECH-2001-A fat model. if I downgrade it to run on 3.55 will I be able to install mod menus for gtav or do I need a jail broken ps3? Am I able to downgrade to 3.55 without an e3 flasher? Any help is appreciated thanks so much!

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  1. if you were really looking into it you would have found out that gta5 requires system software 3,60 or higher to run so coud not even be played on a jailbroken or downgraded ps3 and you would have known that mods can;t be used online and neither can a jailbroken ps3 or one that is not at the latest ofw without being banned so you can’t mod the game or play on a jailbroken ps3 anyway

    why can’t you just play the game like it was meant to be played and not use cheats? Either you are terrible at games and can’t play without cheats ( in which case why even buy the game ) or you think its fun to ruin 99% of players games by using cheats and think it makes you look cool when in reality real gamers and those with skill look at cheaters and think these nobs should go play kids games or not game at all

  2. Just being on 3.55 won’t do anything, you need to install blackBox onto your console which requires a jailbreak. You can’t downgrade without an E3 flasher either, downgrading and jailbreaking isn’t cheap or easy to do. It requires a lot of time and money to do it, and you also won’t be able to play online as you’re not on the latest firmware, so unless you have 2 PS3s, a jailbroken one and an updated OFW one then there is no point in even attempting it.

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