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Can I play on xbox live without being banned?


It was “sneaky” because the patch was mandatory and only supposed to update the dashboard to the new kinect version, but it also activated AP2.5.

I do understand the consequences of modifying such things, but obviously things have changed since I initially did it, hence my question.

After further research I am pretty sure that I’ll be able to play ap2.5 games offline because I won’t apply the dashboard update, but I won’t be able to go online until someone cracks this issue.

And yes, ixtreme firmware is used for playing “backup copies”, that’s no secret. The question was not to debate the morality of software piracy but a technical issue.

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  1. That’s a pretty interesting question. especially when you include “sneaky” as part of your description of the dashboard update. From what I know (and I’ll accept corrective advice if I’m wrong on this) but isn’t LT+ mostly used by the modding/flashing community to play pirated or modded copies of Xbox 360 games? That seems pretty sneaky to me and maybe just a tad bit illegal.

    My advice would be to try harder to FULLY understand the implications and consequences before modifying your hardware.

    And, to answer your question more directly. there’s a good chance of you being banned, not to mention you may not be able to play your newer games at all (i.e. you get the “play DVD” message instead).

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