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Can someone help me find a good RPG GAME LIKE KH SERIES on ps3?


Hi yahoo viewers. please i am in desperate need and i really want to find a game similar to kingdom hearts series. I REALLY LOVED THAT SERIES! I am not a real big fan of final fantansy i thought i would be but not at all. :/ but anyways please i am looking for a game that is awesome where you earn xp slash through enemies with swords and what not. not guns well maybe just a little more based on power skills magic. something that has a good storyline please give me a list so i can view trailer. thank you so much! BTW HUGE KH FAN!!

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  1. Devil May Cry is strongly related to what you said and why not just get the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD for the PS3 coming out September 17 and huge KH fan to btw 🙂

  2. I’ve had similar problems. The kingdom hearts series are the best games ever, I’m totally obsessed. I play a lot of other video games but I have yet to find ones that are similar. however I can recommend some games that I thought were good (but of course not as good as kingdom hearts). A game called Infinite Undiscovery is really good. it has a great storyline as well as gameplay. it’s a fantasy game as well so no drastic changes. I’ve also recently got into a game called Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. it’s another fantasy game that’s good. this game is more quest base though so it would be a change of pace.

    hope this helps. always happy to help another kingdom hearts fan!

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