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Can you buy playstation games in Hong Kong?


hey 🙂 i was wondering if you could buy cheap playstation and xbox games in hong kong i could use as presents for my friends i do know though that other friends of mine hae gone to other countries and got cheap games ad they work? also i i could add in could i buy vans in hong kong for really cheap price.

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  1. yes , hong kong has ps3 games ( they have psn and playstation store too )

    it’s not cheaper , with exchange rates and duties on software brought from asia you’d probably pay a bit more for even sale priced games than buying new games at home

    don’t bother with so called cheap knockoff games , ps3 can’t play pirated discs and will immediately ban your psn and console once the system detects the fakes

    in the playstation store the downloadable games are more expensive than in the u.s. store so discs won’t be cheaper either – especially since there’s no big retailer like wal-mart to get cheaper games on sale or black friday sales

    maybe if you bought ps1 or even ps2 games they’d be cheap but you’d need to mod the ps1 or ps2 to play them and a ps3 won’t play any ps1 disc from another region anyway

  2. probably not, tech is so much different of them making games there and its probably an illegal version of the game anyways so it probably wont work. so i wouldnt spend any money on them.

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