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Can you connect RCA and HDMI to xbox 360 at the same time?


I want to connect an HDMI cable to my television and RCA audio to a stereo. the RCA has a little plastic to block the HDMI when the RCA is in use, can I cut it and connect both of the connectors? will it harm my xbox or something? I mean, there’s this plastic for a reason, I guess.

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  1. Naw the plastic is just make it easier to grab. You can safely shave it off so you can still use the RCA and HDMI cables simultaneously.

    Just remember, the red/white RCA cables will only give you stereo sound. If you want surround sound, you need an optical audio cable and connect that to the 360’s optical audio port or, if you have an older 360, you’ll need the HD-AV cable kit or the audio break-out connector. Both of these have the optical audio port on them.

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