Home Playstation Forum Can you identify this playstation game!?

Can you identify this playstation game!?


The game is like ‘Doom’, where you walk around and all you can see is the characters hand. His hand is glowing blue and has the power to electricute! The monsters are zombies that run really fast and there is a bit where you walk down the stairs and a little girl is stabbing a dead man (or something) with a knife and she is either talking or singing to herself!

(apparently this game is quite scary!)

I saw someone playing it once but i don’t know what it’s called!!?

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  1. I was playing a game similar to this a Wal-Mart. It’s called inFAMOUS

    The protagonist shoots blue electricity from his hand and everything but i don’t recall ever seeing any zombies

  2. its bioshock i know for a fact that scene your talking about, and the enemies arent zombies there splicers

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