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CGRundertow PETER JACKSON’S KING KONG for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGRundertow PETER JACKSON'S KING KONG for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. I guess this reviewer probably didn't play more than two hours of the game. He obviously didn't get to the Kong parts and didn't even bother to know the game he was talking about (he didn't even know there was an aiming mode). This was probably a rushed scheduled review that makes a diservice to an overall excelent game.

  2. I'd say the PS2 version is the definition version. It was designed for that console and just ported. The characters actually look like their movie counterparts. I hate that this game is the butt of so many jokes on game review shows. It's easily one of the most underrated games ever made.

  3. Didn't know there's a 360 version :O I've played on PS2 and love it. I need to get this for xbox 360 now.

  4. I gues this "reviewer" didnt put more than 2 hours into the game, since he doesnt even know that you actually CAN AIM down your fricking sights, including if he investigated the options menu: using a crosshair. And wtf how greedy are you if you dont even want to spend 5-10$ bucks on ONE of if not THE BEST game adaption of a movie in the last 15 years! Seriously get this dude fired or something!!

  5. I LOVED this game. BUY IT! I was also unique because it was also released on the original Xbox, PS2 & Gamecube with the Xbox 360 being the definitive version plus bonus content and in game museum is really cool.

  6. Only good movie game other than Wolverine, points are invalid here, you can aim down the sights, and you can use a reticle, just enable it in options.

  7. Only people who have played this game knows what true terror is. That moment when you look behind yourself and see a giant T-rex mouth about to kill you and all you can do is run for your tiny mortal life.

  8. I don't understand how someone can play through a whole game and still not know how to aim Down sights.

  9. 3 things wrong with this review.

    1. You CAN aim down the sights
    2. Their is an option to turn on the aiming reticle
    3. As a reviewer you should mention ALL aspects of the game, while not great it is a disservice to not mention the Kong sections. 

  10. O can't remember if I played the 360 or the PS2 version of this game. I think It was PS2 but if was so long ago that I could be mistaken. That said. I kinda miss this game. I remember beating it in 2 or 3 days but I was because I was so immersed in it. The level design and atmosphere really set It apart from the rest and I really, really enjoyed this game despite its flaws. It really is a hidden gem in my book. I loved it. My 360 died back in 2008, so I think I'll track down and buy a copy of the PS2 version to enjoy it all over again. And if it's not as good as I remember, I really won't mind revisiting it for nostalgia's sake. I really do remember it as a damn good game and while the Kong levels were clunky, there's no denying thsy you felt do powerful and massive when playing as Kong. Thanks CGR Undertow for reminding me of a game I loved but forgot about. I'm do going to revisit this sweet time capsule of a game. 

  11. i was playing the gamecube version on a wii with an hdmi converter. i gotta get me a 360. king kong, tony hawk american wasteland, and ultimate alliance gold edition are on my wishlist.

  12. i don't think this guy played the WHOLE game . . . 

    that's the key to a review mate . . . 
    to actually experience what you will be reviewing.

    i used to play this on PS2 and then on XBOX360 and to be honest, it's one of the few perfect examples of movie based gaming done right, and in a lot of parts, it's even better than the movie.

  13. Lmfao!!!! How can someone with the voice of a prepubescent queen do a review? Seriously this is tragic.

  14. Reccently rediscovered this game. Also, you can get an aiming reticle, you just have to enable it from the options menu, and you can aim down the sights. You just have to click the right stick while aiming. 

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