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Cheap PS3?


Hi do you know where I can get a cheap PS3?,like around $300

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  1. buy it preowned from a store.

    if you can’t afford it at reg price then forget it man. That also suggests that you don’t have enough money to buy the console plus some games, extra controllers and online content.

    Just wait until you have enough money for everything and calculate it all out

  2. I agree with zorro. If you can’t afford a ps3 at regular price you can’t afford other things such * games which are $60 unless you get them used which i never do. And used games cost like $50-$55. You won’t be able to buy other accessories for the PS3 such as additional controllers, ps3 stands, ps eye, etc. Though the cheapest place to buy PS3’s are on Ebay. You should’ve got a MGS4 bundle from walmart a week ago. They had that 80GB PS3 *Brand New* + MGS4 + Dual Shock 3 controller for $499, but Walmart was having a special and gave you a free $100 Giftcard for buying a Blu-ray Player which the PS3 is. So all that stuff for $399 is a very good deal. I wouldn’t buy used systems but if u can’t afford a new PS3 i would make sure you get some kind of warranty if you buy a used one just incase. Try Gamestop or other electronics stores for used PS3’s and stuff. You could buy a NEW or USED PS3 from like a pawn shop or from someone who stole it hahhaa.

  3. See if the Wal-Mart deal is still going on. It would apply to the 40gb also which would knock the price down to $299 plus tax. Or you could spring for the 80gb MGS4 Bundle which is by far the best deal I’ve found. I’m super happy with mine.

  4. look for a cheap used one.like a preowned one.if not, go wait for the price to go down, or plan a robbery from you local walmart and leave them $300.00 if u feel like it.

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