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Connect PS3 to Harman Kardon AVR 141?



im trying to connect my PS3 to a harman kardon AVR 141, i connected the HDMI cable but i cant get the audio to work? appreciate the help!

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  1. I would stick to using the HDMI so that you can enjoy lossless audio formats. You just need to play around with the sound settings in the ross bar menu on the far left side. Make sure the output format you select matches what the amp can decode. That’s all.

  2. I have never heard of a Harmon Kardon AVR 141, but I have heard of an AVR 147. which I used to own. Probably the last thing you need is another cord hanging out of the back of your entertainment center but the best way that I have seen is by using an optical cable. HDMI is great and all but when you pass it through an audio receiver and back into the TV it just seems pointless. I know it is a quality item but still I would just run the HDMI from the PS3 to the TV and the optical cable from the PS3 to the receiver.

    Change the settings on the PS3 to accept the optical cable. Settings Menu > Sound Settings > Go through the manual setup and switch to Optical.

    Monoprice sells very nice optical cables. Search: 6ft PREMIUM Optical Toslink Cable w/ Metal Fancy Connector

  3. u gotta get a optical cable,, best buy has them i know. u connect it to ur ps3 and to ur Harman Kardon reciver, then change the settings on ur pse Settings>Sound Settings> change it to optical instead of HDMI

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