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Console Recording Stuff And Method?


I need to film some PS3 games for Youtube and I’m not sure what I need to get to capture my gameplay, capture card or something. Can you link me to everything I need and explain how I set everything up. The stuff needs to be cheap but decent if possible.

Thanks, link please?

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  1. The best way to record gameplay from your ps3 is using a haupog HD PVR they will set you back around 150 quid but capture hd and great quality game play for youtube, most high up subbed youtubers that put out content from games consoles use these.

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  2. The HD-PVR is one of the best capture cards out there, but it’ll run you around $200.

    If you want to record gameplay, and don’t mind gaming in SD while recording, pick up a Dazzle and hook it up via S-Video.

    There are two Dazzle models, the regular one which is $40-$50, or the “HD” one which is $75+. The “HD” model is misleading, it doesn’t record in HD. The only difference between the two is that the “HD” model is black and comes with better editing software.

    You’ll need quite a few cables if you decide to go the Dazzle route, and it will most likely end up costing you just under $100. If you opt for the so called “HD” model Dazzle, you’ll be looking at a total of over $100.

    You can check out my Dazzle’s quality on YouTube, link is in my signature. If you do decide to get a Dazzle, please feel free to message me on YouTube and I’ll be more than happy to tell you what cables, etc. you need.

    Links for capture cards.

    Dazzle so called “HD” – [url is not allowed]

    Regular Dazzle – [url is not allowed]

    HD-PVR – [url is not allowed]

  3. try looking at this link, it might help you out

    [url is not allowed].

    it talks about console recording with a hd pvr device. might possibly all the stuff you need to get started.

  4. The most common method is with a recording card. They can be purchased online for about $30, and they somehow hook up to your console so you store videos while you play on your tv.

    The method I use that’s much easier for editing is with a DVD recorder called Dazzle DVD recorder ($50 at best buy). This adaptor plugs into your PC, then you plug your PS3 into the adaptor and play while recording in movie maker or pinaccle studios (which comes with dazzle and records sound).

    The only problem with DVD recorders is you have to get used to an extremely small and pixelated screen (2×3 inches, lol) unless you have the latest logitech quick cam, which records up to about 4×6 inches or so, I don’t know exactly. Dazzle is very easy to use. Just hit record and start playing, then your clips are right there, ready to be edited. Then, you can upload them to youtube.

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