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Difference between xbox 360 arcade and regular?


Whats the difference between the arcade version and the regular version. They now have dropped the price a bunch and I really want one but I just want to know what the difference is


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  1. The arcade comes with the XBox Live arcade games, but only has a 64 MB memory card.

    The regular comes with a hard drive.

  2. the arcade version only come with a small memory card(im not sure how much, 512 mb or less) and comes with 5 free arcade games or mini-games. The premium, or 60gb is best if you want to have xbox live, and download dmeos, movies and stuff. but even if you dont, i think that you will run out of the room on the memory card just playing normal games

  3. xbox arcade is just a system all white wireless controller and memory card that only holds 258mb~ btw this sucks u wont be able download nothi on market place no points in buying games with extra stuff because u cant download what u paid for. your so limited and if u get xbox live or even hooked up to internet for silver promise u download some demos thjere aleast 70 then over 100 arcade demos then there some games that as free maps and they require u to have them to play in there online

    arcades are rip offs with hidden fees be the time u deside u want hard drive u force to buy the only one in stores which cost 180 bucks then u need headset for online and thats a lest 20 bucks u should just got your self elite then in feature when new system comes out u sell it for new system and u be getting less because u have to sell it in parts

    then you got your self a pro thats 60gb comes with a white system with chrome on the dvd drive wireless controller 6ft Ethernet cable somewhat useless

    then u got your self elite thats 120gbs black system blk controller 6 ft Ethernet cable

    pick up elite or a pro or u regret it

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