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Does anyone Know? X-box 360?


Is their a way i enable a password on my 360 (every time i log in) so people cant use it? Kind of like putting a password on your computer.

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  1. Yes.

    Select your Gamer Profile. then select Account Management > Xbox Live Pass Code. this will stop anyone from using your gamertag.

    You can also limit other activities on the console. check out the Family Settings instructions from Microsoft in the link below.

    Good luck.

  2. The Xbox 360 is a video game console produced by Microsoft, developed in cooperation with IBM, ATI, Samsung and SiS. Its Xbox Live service allows players to compete online and download arcade games and content such as game trailers, TV shows, music videos, or rented movies

  3. Set a Family Settings Pass Code

    A Family Settings pass code keeps anyone who uses your Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system—your kids, for instance—from altering your Family Settings.

    Use your Family Settings pass code to override game and movie settings if you (or those with whom you share your pass code) want to play games or watch DVD movies that your console settings would normally block.

    To set a pass code for your Xbox 360 console:

    Start from the System area of the Xbox Dashboard or—if you’re using the Xbox 360 system for the first time—from the Initial Setup Complete screen. Select Family Settings, Console Controls.

    Select Set Pass Code.

    Select Pass Code, then enter a four-button code using the X and Y buttons, triggers, bumpers, and directional pad on your Xbox 360 controller.

    Confirm your code by entering it again. If you type it differently the second time, repeat from step 3.

    Choose a pass-code reset question. The default question is “favorite fictional character.”

    To accept this question, skip to the next step.

    To choose a different question (or to choose this question after you’ve used another), select Pass Code Reset Question and choose from the options given.

    Select Pass Code Reset Answer and enter your answer using the on-screen virtual keyboard and either your Xbox 360 controller or a standard USB computer keyboard plugged into a controller port on your console.


    Pick a question for which your answer will be obvious and unlikely to change in the forseeable future. Also, be sure to type your answer in a way that will be easy to retype later if you forget your pass code.

    Select Done from the Set Pass Code screen, then select Done once more from the Console Controls screen. When prompted, select Yes, save changes to put your new settings into effect.

    To reset your pass code, repeat this procedure at any time.

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