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Does it matter about the size of your ps3 HDD?


Ive got a 40GB and I just play games and put a bit of photos but ye just wondering what you say.

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  1. sounds like you dont need more than you got. if you ever run out of room on the hdd its no big deal – just order a new bigger one from newegg or somewhere and pop it in.

    those who think you need a bigger drive download a lot of stuff from ps store and movies n such n dont delete anythings all

    I got 60 gig ps3, got some downloaded games, demos and movies. keep mp3s, mpgs, vobs and jpgs on passport usb hdd

  2. Unless you download huge video files, a 40Gb should be fine! There are also game downloads you may need to have and in that case you may want to upgrade to a larger HDD!

    I’ve seen people upgrade to a 500GB HDD! I would go for 150 to 200GB!

  3. Yes. 60GB can play PS2 games, while the others can only be PS1 compatible. Other than that it’s alright. You’ll be able to fit in thousands of songs and pictures on a 40GB.

  4. I’d say your okay with the 40g. IDK if PS downloads are the same, but 360 & Wii downloads can be deleted and re-downloaded for free. The few times I’ve needed space I’ve just deleted some old crap.

  5. Uh not really, save files are generally 1.ish mb each.

    I bought the 60gb when it first came out, I still have like 40gbs left.

  6. The bigger, the HDD, the more ‘stuff’ you can save onto it.

    A 40GB HDD is enough for just gaming.

    Mulitmedia, most likely. I ended up burning through about 30GB by downloading trailers and demos even though I could delete them. I also added videos, pictures and music. The sound quality from the PS3 is really beefed up compared to my PC so I listen to music from my console.

    You can always get a laptop hard drive and upgrade later. The question is which model would best suit your interests. Are you just gaming, using multimedia or movies.

    Good luck.

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