Home Playstation Forum Does PS3 controllers take batteries.?

Does PS3 controllers take batteries.?


or is it like the nintendo ds you charge it for awhile and play. If so how long would the charge last and can you play while the battery is charging.

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  1. It has an eternal battery that works just like your camera, cell phone.etc. If you pause the screen with the PS button, you should be able to see how much jucie you got left. Once it’s all depleted, simply attach the usb cable and yes, you can play while charging. Again, check with the pause screen to see if your controller is charged up.

  2. Charge for awhile, then play. The charge lasts for a long time — hours and hours. Yes, you can play while it’s charging.

  3. 1- It’s a chargeable controllers.

    2- It takes around 2-3 hours to be fully charged.

    3- Yes you can play while charging the controller.

    4- It depends on your consumption! But, it’s very efficient.

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