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Does the Xbox 360 sport good graphics?


I saw a 360 in a friend’s house and the graphics looked dull, but this may be due to his TV being a CRT. I have a 27″ HDTV. Will the games look great in 1080p and maintain smooth frames per second? If yes, then I might get one.

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  1. The games only put out 720p, and a lot of the games can look dull, and blurry if you ask me. I play on a 28″ HD monitor, and use HDMI, yes it’s a lot better than a tube, but still nothing compared to the crisp graphics of a good computer.

  2. If possible, get a PS3. That’s priority #1 for graphics. Plus it is a computer. My bro has xbox 360, and the graphics are rather dull blank as contrary to PS3, which are insane. (But if you have a good PC then that’s the best choice) Xbox is made for fun. Racing games are out of the question for xbox because of controller setup, and gta 4 is weird on it. But it’s good for mw2 and other fps games. Xbox is also MADE for halo3 pretty much. So, your choice. Also, you can go on youtube and check out gameplay graphics on hd for your own opinion.

  3. It will depend on the game. Some games don’t look good in the graphics department and others look fantastic. A high HD will made a big difference especially in the small details and reading fine print. You won’t have any frame rate problems at 1080p.

  4. Yes of course. The graphics, if compared on same screen and same resolution, are the same between 360 and PS3. And of course it will be smooth: the games are programmed for that specific hardware!

  5. Lemme just say this, when i lived with my mum for a bit i had a tiny crappy tv for my xbox, the graphics were dull, then i moved to my Grandparents who had recently brought a new tv, HD and its bloomin’ massive, the graphics are so much better, and its amazing fun to play on,

    So yes, the graphics would be a hell of a lot better :]

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