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Fable 3 Question for Xbox 360?


I beat the game fable 3. Now whenever I play there are very few people walking around the towns and for some reason nothing is for sale like rings. And I need to buy a ring and propose to one of the girls to get an xbox 360 achievement.

Where did everyone go and why can’t i buy anything anymore? PS: it’s not completely empty but a lot of people are missing. About 3/4 aren’t there anymore

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  1. How much money did you have in the treasury at the end of the game, most likely quite a bit less than the 6.5 million gold required. Any amount less than 6.5 million gold in the treasury results in people dying, more money missing equals more people dying. Maybe eventually people will slowly return to the world, but it could take a week or weeks in game for that to happen.

  2. Anything under 6.5 million in the treasury before the game ends equals 1/2 the people in the game to all of them dieing. The problem with this is that when you do it, the game will NOT revive people. Even if you waited a year people would not revive. Lionhead has received MANY messages about this on there forums and, from what is heard by Lionhead Forum moderators, is thinking about releasing a patch to allow for a second chance on this part. I do not know how it will work, but the best thing you can do is either A) Just play online with that character, or B) Create a new one for the time being.

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