Home Xbox Forum Flashed xbox 360 has any 1 ever been banned?

Flashed xbox 360 has any 1 ever been banned?


I got my 360 flashed.Whats the chances of being banned?also heard of gamer scores being reset?both my bro and friend have xboxs flashed and play all of their copied games online for over a year,both have never been banned r had any trouble from microsoft.

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  1. Microsoft check periodically for xbox 360 modded, if you get caught then you get banned. If you want to prevent banning from xbox live you have two possibilities: the first is to get a chip with a switch to deactivate it but since you have flashed your xbox 360 then you can use a live alerts scan service that tells you when microsoft is checking for modded consoles. Such service you get from the following link:

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