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gamertag xbox live help?


lets say like my gamer tags

like bob or sumthn

what do i do to make it all capitalized nd wer do i go to make it BOB

lol its not bob*
yall retarded, dnt even no wat im talkn about,

read it right.

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  1. you have to pay 800 microsoft points to change your gametag, and then when youre typing in ur tag u press left trigger and the letters all capitalize.

  2. To change it and still keep your achievements, you have to pay 800 Microsoft Points. capitalizing it means it’s a totally different gamertag otherwise. For example, mine could be Bob, but someone else can have bOb. They would be two totally different names even though in real life they mean the same thing. If you are just starting out and want to make it capitalized from the beginning, you click the left thumbstick in or go over to where it says CAPS.

  3. I think you have to do that when you are making you gamertag. I know it cost money everytime you get another one. Im not a hundred percent sure. hope this helps

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