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Having a problem with the Xbox 360. Help?


I notice that when I turn on the xbobx 360, it’s just a blank screen with some words that pop up in like english and so many other languages. It said system error. I do notice the ring around the button that you push to turn on, most of it is like red and a small portion is green. Usually when I turn on the xbox, it be all green. What does that mean? I just got this xbox 360 like two weeks ago. I did try to call the place where I got it from like a few hours ago, but they are closed. So I have to like call them in the morning to see what I should do. If I need to take it back or what. But in the mean time, please let me know what system error and the red lights on the button to turn on the xbox means? And how can I fix the problem? Or do I need to just take it back and get another one? Please let me know! Thanks!!

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  1. If your 360 is one of the earlier models, you may be suffering the red ring of death. The original 360’s have a problem with overheating, thus frying the components. If this is the case in the short run, if you put a cold towel over it, it will temporarily fix the problem. however its not a permantent fix. yuo can send it in for repairs, but considering how cheap new xbox 360’s are these days, I’d just get a new one. the newer versions don’t have the red ring problem. its what i did when my first 360 claped out

  2. If the lights are not showing red then this is a tricky issue as the xbox 360 usually will let you know by showing these flashing red lights.

    Anyway try these fix tips first:

    1. You should first open your console using a poker to remove the outer shell.

    2. Disconnect all wires (make-sure power is switched off) and move your DVD drive.

    3. Next to be removed is the motherboard inside along with the fan.

    4. All you need to for this next step is to simply turn the motherboard over onto its back.

    5. Now this is where you need to find and locate where the GPU & CPU are. Simply find the heat-sink and gently loosen it and you should then see both of the above mentioned.

    6. Both the GPU & CPU are required to be cleaned well enough to be called brand new again.

    7. Have you ever heard of a substance called arctic silver compound? Don’t worry, you can find this stuff in almost every computer repair shop. It is around the same price as a candy bar and all you do once you have it is to apply onto the GPU itself. (Always do extremely carefully)

    8. Go and have a cup of coffee, because you need to wait for the compound to set. This takes around fifteen minutes, once done you need to put the nylon washers x2 back onto each heat sink screws, proceed by putting the screws back onto your motherboard. Remember to add more washers on top of those screws again.

    9. A delicate job of placing the heat-sink back on top the screws is required, once done fasten back down.

    10. You’re nearly done. Put everything back in its place by reversing what you have done and enjoy playing your Xbox 360 once again.

    If this does not work then just try this link below and it will show you how to fix more than one error.

    Good Luck!

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