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HDMI to regular! ps3!! help?


okay the new modern warefare 2 map pack came out but ihave not good enough connection to down load. so i need to move my ps3 well i have it on HDMI and i want to get it to the regular standard huckups. ive tried every single one and can figure out which one it is. the chords look like. they have 3 hook ups and one thing that goes into the ps3. it is red yellow and white. i need help on whaT TO DO!!

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  1. the red yellow and white cord i believe is called av cord. its the standard cord for most video game systems. the yellow is the video and the red and white are the audio. they should all have a spot some where on your tv. the plug-ins on your tv are color coded as well. just find them and match the colors with your cord.

    with the ps3 you need to reset the system to switch from hdmi to standard. with everthing hooked up Turn off the power to your PS3 and then turn it back on again. But when you turn it on, hold down the power button until you see something on the screen. When you hold down the power button of the PS3 when you are turning it on, it completely resets the video settings to the most basic settings (480p I think) so that it’ll work on any TV. make sure everything is pluged in and the tv is on the right channel before you do this

  2. Have you tried this?

    1 – Turn on TV and set input to port being used.

    2 – Make sure PS3 is connected via correct cable.

    3 – Power on PS3 via power button and HOLD IT for 5 seconds (release after the second beep). It should automatically configure your PS3 to the TV’s native resolution for all settings.

  3. Put it in standby mode.

    Put your finger on the reset but keep it held for over 10 seconds.

    It will reset to default video output.

    This has to be done if going from a HD TV to a regular TV.

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