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Help replacing a PS3 hard drive needed?


My PS3 will not run properly. Every time I turn it on it says my hard drive is corrupted and runs the quick restore. Then when it goes to the regular menu it will not run any games, installed on the hard drive or from the disk. It won’t even run the full restore. I figure I will have to replace the hard drive. What type of hard drive do I need for a PS3 slim? I see a lot of reviews on Amazon about people who have successfully replaced hard drives of the original PS3’s from the 40 gb but I wasn’t sure if they would work for a slim.

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  1. A HDD that originally came in any model PS3 (40GB, 60GB, 80GB, etc.) can be used in any other PS3. It doesn’t matter if it is a slim or an older fat model. They all are interchangeable. The specs you need are a 2.5″, 5400 rpm, SATA laptop HDD. I wouldn’t choose anything larger than 500GB if you are going to buy one.

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