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Help with playstation plus?


Yesterday I bought playstation plus for 60 days, then a full game using plus for $ 19,99. It took me 15 hours because the file size was 14GB. Now it says it’s expired and i can’t access it, do i have to buy and download it all over agian? :/
I bought the full game trials, when it was finished downloading, I only got to play for one hour before it expired,, when i tried to open the game it said ‘The content has expired and is no longer avalible’ ,, what should i do next?
Update 2:
I’ve checked in transaction management as you said, but did not find any code there. I also checked the download list, transation history and purchase history but did not find the game any place. I know that I have downloaded and installed the game, and it is there but can’t open it.

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  1. Seems a little strange, first check your purchase history, transaction history and download history. Make sure you activated the PS+ Any game purchased while PS+ is active will not expire until the subscription expires. Don’t buy it again! some games also have an activation code.

    Check under XMB Playstation network>>Account management>>transaction management look if there is a code with basically the same name as the game, it will be a very small file under 1mb usually

    Edit.Are you sure they took any money, some game trials have limited time, and limited date.

    Maybe you just got the trial and were not charged.Check!!.What game is it, I’ll look at my PS+

    If you paid and cannot play, it may be time to give Sony an email, could be a glitch they don’t know about or maybe you made a mistake and didn’t pay or haven’t been charged

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