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How can I get a subscription code for Xbox Live?


Hey, just bought a pre-owned Xbox (not the ‘360, the original type) from Game, and was wondering, how can I get a subscription code for Xbox live? Is it free, or do I have to pay? And do I need an Xbox live account to play my games online?



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  1. ya you need to pay like 50 bucks but it is worth it.you can get them online(mabey amazon.)and yes you do need an account for online.if you can get a expired. free trial you just need to set back the time on your xbox to that time(i have a 2 month one so if you want you can email me and i’ll give you the code).good luck bro

  2. all you need to do is fill out serveys and finish offers at this website and you can have free xbox live codes in less than 20 min.

    [url is not allowed]

    and yes you do need an xbox live account for xbox live

  3. yes you need to pay.

    but i advise you not to sinds you own the old Xbox which no one plays anymore unless you have Halo 2 which lots of people are still playing.

    i would suggest buying a 1 Month or 3 Month Sub. code for the time being.

    i wouldn’t pay $50 and almost not find anyone to play with

  4. this site will give you an xbox 360 just for completing some quick online tasks! really recommend it, especially if you’re broke but really want an xbox (like me).

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