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How do i connect my BLUE TOOTH headset to my PS3 so i talk to people playing COD black ops on Multiplayer?


i have a blue tooth headset and want to use it for COD black ops multiplayer, its connected to the PS3 but i don’t know how to turn it on while playing the game

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  1. most people with BT on the PS3 either sings, play loud trash music or just simply swear all the time during the game. It’s useless. nobody really talks online. They just make weird noises all the time.

  2. Go over to setting and then find accessories and if u scroll down you should see something along the line that say Bluetooth and then.make sure you Bluetooth is charged and hold down the power button until the light say on(what ever color it is) and then on the ps3 hit search for Bluetooth device and then click on ur headset and most of the time the code is either 1234 or 0000 and you should be on you way

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