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How do I go about getting my XBOX 360 back?


So a few weeks ago my Xbox got the RROD and I was looking around and this place near my home could fix it, and everything went well. I still have the guys phone number and everything but he didnt give me any paperwork or anything, paid him, and even paid extra for the 120 day warranty he offered. Next thing I know I have another problem with my xbox, take it to this guy just like before, only now it has been 2 weeks since I dropped it off, he wont answer or return messages I have left him. I talked to people at the store and they had asked this guy to leave the store, and stop doing his repairs at their store, it was kind of like he rented the room to conduct business at a video game store.

The store told me where I could find him, not there. Tried multiple times calling and leaving voicemails with no luck, is there anything that the police may be able to do, or any other serious ideas as to what I can do?

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  1. I wouldn’t trust anyone like that. I usually just send it to MS or fix it myself.

    There are so many easy to do it repairs online.

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